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Elektryczny wózek paletowy z baterią Li-ION EPL 1531

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Low-profile electric pallet truck EP EPL1531 (Li-ION)

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The EPL1531 model by EP Equipment is equipped with special low-profile forks that allow for handling pallets with exceptionally low clearance. This electric pallet truck features a sturdy steel construction and remarkably compact dimensions. The lithium-ion battery enables continuous operation of the truck for up to 4 hours. Charging is done using an external charger and takes only 2.5 hours.

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Low-profile electric pallet truck / electric pallet truck EP EPL1531

The EP EPL1531 electric pallet truck is designed for transporting loads weighing up to 1500 kg. The model is equipped with both electric driving and electric lifting functions. The simple and highly durable construction of the EP EPL1531 truck makes it an ideal substitute for a traditional manual pallet truck. With the use of an additional battery, the truck is capable of continuous operation in multi-shift mode.


Low-profile electric pallet truck (low-profile forks)

Special low-profile forks allow the EP EPL1531 truck to handle pallets with low clearance. The height of the upper surface of the low-profile forks, which are 1150 mm long, is only 60 mm.

Low profile forks - pallet truck electric

Comparison of standard forks (80 mm) and low-profile forks (60 mm)


Lithium-ion battery

The EP EPL1531 electric pallet truck is equipped with a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery with a Plug & Play system. This allows the battery to be replaced in just a few seconds. The exceptional long life is ensured by the BMS system, which is responsible for monitoring and managing the battery. A full charge of the 20Ah capacity battery takes only 2.5 hours and allows for approximately 4 hours of continuous work. Optionally, the truck can be equipped with an additional battery.


Application - low-profile electric pallet truck

The electric pallet truck EPL1531 is suitable for work in large-area warehouses as well as delivery vehicles. To facilitate maneuvering the pallet truck in tight spaces, the manufacturer, EP Equipment, has equipped the truck with a turtle mode, which allows for movement with the handle in an upright position. The low weight of the device (only 120 kg) allows for the use of the truck on small vehicle lifts, among other things.


Key benefits:

- Low forks 60 mm,

- Load capacity 1500 kg,

- Lithium-ion battery,

- Plug & Play and BMS system,

- 4-hour work time,

- 2.5-hour charging time,

- External charger,

- Low weight (120 kg),

- Solid construction,

- Ability to operate with the handle in an upright position.

Brief Specification

 Manufacturer EP
 Model EPL 1531
 Lift capacity 1500 kg
 Overall length  1540 mm
 Overall width 560 mm
 Overall height 1190 mm
 Forks 1150 mm
 Weight 120 kg
 Battery 24/20 Li-ion V/Ah

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Low-profile electric pallet truck EP EPL1531 (Li-ION)