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Electric pallet truck Heli CBD15J-Li3 (Li-ION)

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The CBD15J-LI3 model is Heli's flagship electric pallet truck. The truck has been designed to transport loads weighing up to 1500 kg. The power unit is a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery. A solid, steel construction allows the electric pallet truck to be used in harsh working conditions.

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Electric pallet truck Heli CBD15J-LI3 (Li-ION)

The Heli CBD15J-LI3 electric pallet truck has capacity of 1500 kg and stands out with a solid and durable construction. Due to small dimensions, the CBD15J-LI3 model can be used in places where working space is very limited. In addition, the pallet truck is equipped with the crawling mode, which allows you to drive the truck when the tiller is in a vertical position. Such a solution is particularly important when the electric pallet truck is working e.g. on delivery cars. Additional support wheels significantly improve the stability of the device while driving and lifting loads.


Lithium-ion battery

The Heli CBD15J-LI3 electric pallet truck is equipped with a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 24V and a capacity of 30Ah. The used battery allows for 3 hours of continuous operation. The charging time of the truck with an external charger is only 2 hours. The removable battery can be charged outside the pallet truck, which means that with the purchase of an additional battery, the Heli CBD15J-LI3 can be used even in multi-shift operation.

Li-ION technology


The main advantages of Heli CBD15J-LI3:

- lifting capacity 1500 kg,

- battery with a capacity of 30 Ah,

- 3 hours of operation,

- 2 hours of charging,

- additional support wheels,

- crawling speed mode,

- external rectifier.

Brief Specification

 Manufacturer Heli
 Model CBD15J-Li3
 Lift capacity 1500 kg
 Overall length  1550 mm
 Overall width 550 mm
 Overall height 1145 mm
 Forks 1150 mm
 Weight 138 kg
 Battery 24/30 Li-ion V/Ah

Szczegółowa Specyfikacja 2

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Electric pallet truck Heli CBD15J-Li3 (Li-ION)